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According to, Stan marsh who is considered a loser by his peers. As a result of his unpopularity, stan takes the SQUIP (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor), a supercomputer in the form of a pill that travels to his brain upon ingestion, which radically transforms Stan’s behavior and social status by giving him advice on how to be cool. (Totally not taken from the wiki) I rush downstairs, to see my dad sitting on the couch with no pants on as per usual, i walk to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of ‘super cereal’ “Stan its 7:30 you have 10 minutes to get to blimming school” randy shouts from the living room. “yes dad i know” i shout back, i run outside to the bus and get on On the bus i go to my usual spot the decaying part of the bus, aka the part with lots of mold The popular girls, bebe Stevens, nichole Daniels, heidi turner, kenny mcormick and marjorine stotch were gossiping like always, “So kenny said, lisa told tolkien ‘ill only kiss you i you beat me at pool’ and she lost at pool deliberately” bebe says “that is so awesome” marjorine replys, “marjorine!” bebe says frustratedly “i mean gross” marjorine corrects her earlier speech “and then lisa was all like-” kenny starts “IM TELLING THE STORY KENNY” bebe interupts. “Hes totally falling for her, ugh” bebe says before going on her phone “YO TOLKIEN” clyde shouts as he stand up from his seat to get a view of tolkien sitting in from of him “So whats the story with lisa” clyde continues “Oh man, i shouldn’t say, but its a good thing i rock at pool” tolkien replys smugly After getting off the bus, i walk through the school. The poster on the walls are mainly stupid clubs like; shag club, talk about politics club etc. See stupid! I continue walking through the halls and i see wendy, wendy testaburger. Ive liked her since like elementary school. I look away from her and notice the drama club poster, thats the key way to get called gay. Suddenly i hear someone shout “HEY STAN” i look over and i see kyle my best friend since elementary school!!! “KYLE!” I shout back. “BRO I WAS JUST AT HOT TOPIC LOOKING AT THE SPENCERS SECTION LOOKING AT SHOES!!!” kyle shouts at me “Cool.”, “AND WHILST LOOKING AT SHOES I SAW SOME NEWS STORY THAT HUMANS HAVE STOPPED EVOLVING!! Buttt anyways! How are you buddy?” “I wrote wendy a note”, “THATS PROGRESS” “But i tore it up.……its still progress” “OK BUT CONTINUING RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO BE A LOSERRRRR, SO OWN ITT, WHY TRY TO BE COOL WHEN YOU COULD BE-“,”signing up for the play!”,”i was gonna say getting drugs in mu basement” God, i may never be cool but if i can get close to wendy, that will act as a replacement but at the same time why cant someone help me out.

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Sharing a hint from, ESTABLISHED 2022, WENDY’S ESTABLISHED 1969. Created by JEverett2003, a Wendy’s employee himself since April 2021, this wiki seeks to provide quick and easy to access information on the fast food chain Wendy’s, as founded by Dave Thomas in 1969. We’re a collaborative community website about Wendy’s that anyone, including you, can build and expand.


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