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Experts uncover series of Stonehenge mystery monuments that could reveal secrets of the past

According to, Neolithic and Bronze Age creators made them for widely differing purposes (Wiki commons) The wide time range for this newly discovered type of large rock-cut monument suggests that in each epoch …

Epoch Concepts Supports the USSF on a Massive Multi-Year Project by Providing IT Enabling Infrastructure

According to, Epoch will also provide key subject matter experts (SMEs) along with trained and certified full-time engineers to aid in the project’s deliverables. The program is expected to run through 2025.

From source: (also known as Epoch time, Posix time, seconds since the Epoch, or UNIX Epoch time) is a system for describing a point in time. It is the number of seconds…

From source: the author of three self-published books on U.S. politics, and was featured in a 2016 documentary titled Enemies Within. He also writes for The Epoch

From source: The Iron Age Cold Epoch (also referred to as Iron Age climate pessimum or Iron Age neoglaciation) was a period of unusually cold climate in the North…


According to the source from, There is no requirement on Wikipedia for the far-right article to discuss The Epoch Times. Frankly, The Epoch Times is not important enough to mention there. Here at this article, everything about The Epoch Times is much more important. And we have multiple high-quality sources describing the newspaper as far-right.

Sharing a hint from, The Epoch Times De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă The Epoch Times este un ziar internațional multilingv și a apărut sub formă de ziar în limba chineză în luna mai a anului 2000 c.e. Cu sediul central la New York, ziarul are birouri locale de știri și o rețea de reporteri locali în toată lumea.

If you read from, The Epoch Times (kiin.: 大紀元時報; pinyin: dàjìyuán shíbào) on Falun Gongiin liittyvä, monilla kielillä julkaistava lehti.Se vastustaa Kiinan kommunistista puoluetta. Lehden poliittinen linja on äärioikeistolainen ja se muun muassa kieltää ilmastonmuutoksen ja on tukenut Donald Trumpia sekä levittänyt QAnon-salaliittoteoriaa ja rokotevastaista propagandaa.

It is inferred from, The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism,…

A post published in, Wikimedia Bans 7 Mainland Chinese Users Over ‘Infiltration’ and ‘Security Risk’. The Wikimedia Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia, has banned seven mainland Chinese users …

It is learnt from a blog, Breaking news, photos, and videos from around the United States. Read our latest coverage on education, health care, and politics.

It is understood from sites like, The Epoch Times is an international, multi-language news media company in print and online. The Epoch Times was first published in New York in April 2000 (in Chinese only) and the online edition in August 2000. In 2003, The Epoch Times launched an online edition in English, printing as a newspaper in New York in 2004.


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