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  • who played jackie kennedy in jackie

    who played jackie kennedy in jackie. Natalie Portman. Jackie is a 2016 biographical drama film and the film stars or Natalie portman has Jacqueline Kennedy. The film has a box office of a round 36 us million dollars and it has academy award nomination. Natalie Portman: she is an Israeli born American actress. She has […]

  • Magical girl names

    What is this magical girl now I don’t understand but let us look for answer about the topic magical girl names. There is magic there is no miracle or mystical in the names but there are names nice to hear which has a nice meaning which has good to think about. And on the internet […]

  • Burna boy net worth 2022

    I don’t know whether the information is accurate but why I surf on internet and go through website I come to know that his net worth is dollar 17 million. You know that the net worth keeps on changing for an individual it depends upon how successful he is in his business and how much […]

  • Who played Benji on leave it to beaver?

    The Google suggest Joey Scott as the answer from the source Wikipedia. Leave it to be were is an American television sitcom broadcast happened between 1957 and 1963 about an incistive and often naive boy. Joey Scott is a child actor who played Benji on leave it to beaver.

  • In which German City can you find this unusual Subway?

    This question is asked in a popular website and their few options given to answer the question and these options are given as part of clue or hint. On the question is which German City can you find this and you sure Subway and here I guess the answer is Frankfurt Frankfurt. Frankfurt officially Frankfurt […]